Many people have had a blocked drain emergency at some point. But how you handle the situation can have a huge impact on the cost of fixing, and white sink with plug and water running downyour overall stress level! A blocked drain problem can range from slow drainage through to complete blockage. People with blocked drains in Blackpool have been using our specialists for some time now, in part due to our fantastic reputation, but also because of the level of efficiency that we offer. Blocked drains can be unpleasant and smelly as well as a massive inconvenience! Luckily, our fast response time means we can identify the underlying cause of the problem in no time – allowing you to return to your normal, everyday life quickly.

We are experienced in handling all kinds of blocked drain issues and understand the best ways to overcome them. Some simple blockages can be moved with our state of the art high-pressure drain jetting service, while more complicated, stubborn issues like tree root problems may require removal using a long handles cutting tool to clear the roots from the drains. Before fixing a problem, we may use a CCTV drain system, to spot any hidden problems. By diagnosing the problem first, we can ensure we are using the correct method to fix it, and reduce the risk of further damage.

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