Moving out for the first time can be an exciting time, from  – but there are a lot of new experiences you should be prepared for and one of those is looking after your drains! Prevention of problems is one of the best ways to keep things running smoothly so here are some steps you can take to make sure you are looking after your drains. 

If your home has outdoor drains that are exposed to the elements try and keep the area around them clear. This is key in the autumnal season when falling debris and decomposing leaves can find their way into your plumbing work. No matter what season it is we should still be vigilant about items getting into our drains as all sorts of debris can cause blockages and could even puncture your pipes. We recommend checking the area around your outside drains daily just to be sure nothing will end up causing you problems further down the lie. 

Inside the home, there are many ways you can be proactive about preventing your drains from becoming blocked. We’ve written previous blog posts about the ways in which you can tell if your drains are struggling. If you want to refresh your mind about the key ways to tell if your drain is blocked find out more here. Starting with the kitchen – no matter what condition the property was passed over in using some drain cleaner down the sink will help to clean up any blockages left behind from previous tenants and start you down a good path of looking after the drains. 

One mistake we made when first living alone was pouring fat or leftover cooking oils straight down the sink after making dinner. Instead, you can either pour this into a biodegradable container to bin or wash it down the sink with hot water or drain cleaner. 

If you are lucky enough to get a property with a dishwasher and washing machine checking they are running in good order is another important job to add to the ‘to do list’ when you first move in. This could be as simple as listening out for gurgling sounds which could indicate blockage and cleaning the lint tray which should be done periodically to avoid build up. 

Moving on to your bathrooms we advise similarly for plugs in here as we did in the kitchen. Use a little drain cleaner to help breakdown any hair or other build-ups in the shower and sink. The shower is one of the most common plugs to get blocked thanks to hair fall out but luckily it can also easily be dealt with by you before it causes major problems and you require a plumber. 

If you find hair build up is causing you problems you could try a drain cover which can be purchased very inexpensively online or in hardware stores. These can help to stop hair flowing into the drains and causing nasty build ups which, lets face it, no one wants to deal with on a daily basis. If you want a more natural way to sort the issue you can use vinegar followed by hot water as a homemade drain cleaner which can help to keep your drains clear and flowing properly. 

Finally, know when it’s time to call the landlord and get a plumber involved! Some problems need industry professionals especially if it’s your first property and you have no idea where to start with a bit of DIY. Let the experts and your landlord lend a helping hand and keep the system running smoothly inside and out. If you notice problems with your drains we are happy to help, get in touch so we can help you overcome those drain block issues! 

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