Summer Plumbing Problems

The most common Summer plumbing problems uncovered!

It’s Summer what could possibly go wrong with your plumber, no more frozen piped for at least six months, but Summer can bring some unexpected problems with a nasty odour! Here are our top summer plumbing problems you might come across:

Blocked Toilets

Blocked toilets are unpleasant at any time of year, but the hot weather can make them even worse.

Usually blocked toilets are caused by what you put down the them. Too much loo roll can be a problem and baby wipes and facewipes are lethal and a major cause of blocked toilets not to mention the damage they are doing to the environment once they get into the drainage system. Always but them in the bin.

Washing Machine Problems

Summer activities whilst good for your heath can create more washing! Cycling, rugby and football, kids playing out and the teenagers returning from festivals put a demand on your washer! And unpacking the holiday suitcases can create even more washing. So it’s important to keen your washing machine in tip top condition, try to avoid overfilling the drum and make sure the hose is in good condition, you don’t want to come home to a flooded kitchen.

Blocked drains in the kitchen

Summer is a lovely time for El Fresco dining but be careful what you do with waste. In the kitchen grease, fat or solid food being washed down the drain can accumulate in the pipes. Not only does it reduce the flow of water down the drain. It also means the food will start to breakdown and a build-up of bacteria can form in the that pipes- causing that nasty smell. Another no, no is the residue of coffee beans after making fresh coffee. It could be something you haven’t thought about, but coffee grounds are a source of blocked drains.

Damaged pipes

The winter weather can leave its mark in Spring and Summer. Pipes can be damaged from Winter Freezing, blocked from fallen leaves and debris.

Planned checks in the Spring and Summer can avoid problems such as health hazards and pest problems.

Prevention is better than cure so follow these simple steps to avoid funny smells this Summer.

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