What’s in my drain?

With over 27 million homes across Britain, it’s no wonder plumbers are often finding the most peculiar things in residents drains. But what are the weirdest things found in household drains?

Don’t Get Your Knickers In A Twist

Why does underwear always get lost in the wash?

Why does underwear always get lost in the wash?

Drain blockages can be caused by anything(trust us!) even down to your undies! Finding those lost Calvin Kleins isn’t exactly a moment of relief when they are fished out by the plumber. It does happen though, and trust us – we’ve seen it!

What we recommend – when putting things into the wash try not to leave them scrunched up in a ball, not only will the wash better unfolded but they’ll be far less likely to get sucked down drains causing frustrating blockages.

Child’s Play

Kids love to explore and find imaginative ways to play; although a dolls hot tub party in the downstairs loo probably wasn’t Ken’s finest moment… In fact, we’ve found multiple doll heads down the same loo – no surprise this was week 4 of the school holidays!

What we recommend – this ones tricky since kids are, let’s face it, unpredictable 70% of the time; instead of using the toilet as Ken and Barbies hot tub why not set up a washing up bowl with water (with a few towels around the splash zone) and let the dolls splash about in there.

Talking Through Your Teeth

teeth - Jet Force

False teeth can be so tricky

Dentures left on slippery surfaces have been known to find their way down the drain and cause blockages. Those sneaky teeth just won’t budge causing the whole system to stop the backchat and just back up altogether. Maybe ring the dentist for a replacement sent.

What we recommend – Instead of leaving precious (and often expensive) dentures on the side near sinks and toilets get a storage box. They’re often available at the dentist office and a reasonably cheap.


Tech is just screaming out to cause a blockage, it’s with us 24/7. However, it’s still surprising to find a wireless computer mouse playing its own game of Mousetrap with your entire plumbing system. We don’t want to know how that ended up down the sink – rage quitters guilty?

What we recommend – We know that no matter what people will always take tec into the bathroom but we’d suggest finding a safe surface to rest them down on when the crucial moment of wiping comes… And PLEASE stop leaving your phone in your pocket it will fall out when you sit down and you will be upset about it.


Childrens toys are just EVERYWHERE!

Childrens toys are just EVERYWHERE!

We hate to place the kids again but honestly, they are often just too curious and love to cause chaos on our drainage systems. A bubble bath with those little plastic dinosaurs, sharks and other assortments of random animals is definitely the best way to enjoy bath time… but did you know when you turn your back your little one says adios to Sammy the seal and procedures to push the little plastic figurine down the plug hole? Trust us, this won’t be the last you hear of Sammy the seal since we’ve pulled out a countless amount of kids bath toys from blocked drains.

What we recommend – this is a simple solution, simply buy a bath plug with narrower holes meaning no more plastic animals are pushed into darkness.

Hair Stress

Now it’s pretty common for hair to cause blockages especially in households with people who have long hair but the hair itself isn’t always the problem. Hair ties – in particular, scrunchies block those household drains when they get removed in the shower and then pulled down into the drains. We’ve pulled them out trust us, you won’t be wanting to use those ties again!

What we recommend – keep your beloved hair accessories safe (and dry) by removing them before taking a shower. Not only will this eliminate the chances of a blocked drain but it will also mean you won’t have to keep rebuying them every single month.

If you’ve got a drain blockage and are wondering ‘what’s in my drain’ get in touch with us and we’ll be the investigators.